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Pablo Escobar's first born son....

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's first born son appears on How's That? - The Podcast....

Roberto Sendoya Escobar was born in Colombia and adopted from a Catholic orphanage by a British couple named Patrick and Joan Witcomb at an early age.

He was puzzled by the armoured cars and high security that surrounded their home in Colombia, but he figured that it was all part of his dad’s job overseeing the printing and transportation of the nation’s banknotes for a company called De La Rue.

Then, in 1989, when Roberto – then known as Phillip – was 24, Pat sat him down and told him the truth: his father was the head of the Medellín Cartel and had fathered Roberto as a young man in the 1960s before abandoning him. Plus, Pat did more than just print money for the government: he was closely involved with both Manuel Noriega, Panama’s dictator, and British intelligence....

In this episode we chat with Roberto about Pablo Escobar's lost millions, Manuel Noriega, Colombian Special Forces, the CIA, MI6 agents, art, music, cricket (yes, Roberto was a wicketkeeper!), Shane Warne, Ian Botham, Curtley Ambrose, BBQ's, backyard cricket, designing golf courses, and Roberto's book "First Born"!

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